Bellows Coupling

Integrated bellows and taper-lock makes this flexible coupling ideal for servo drive applications.
The built-in bellows body reduces the number of parts, while delivering low moment of inertia and flexibility.

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Jaw-Flex Coupling

Two lines are available: The L Series is ideal for directly connecting general-use motors under light load. The LN Series is excellent for vibration resistance at servomotor drives and shock absorption during startup and stopping. Both series are simply constructed of two hubs, an insert and a spider, allowing for extremely easy installation and removal.

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Nylon chain Coupling

Economical type couplings consisting of sprockets provided with resin chains such as polyacetal.
Suitable for drive units of food machineries and light-duty conveyors.

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Roller Chain Coupling

Flexible couplings consisting of two sprockets provided with robust two-strand chains specially designed for couplings. Can be used for all general power transmission applications.

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