Top Chain

Snap Cover Chain

  • Higher maximum allowable load than Plastic Block chain (type RS60-SC approx. seven times higher than
    RSP60 chain). Ideal for long, heavy-load conveyors.
  • Plastic covers provide safety for both conveyed goods and people.
  • Six different chain pitches available, suitable for a diverse range of applications.

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Plastic Block Chain

The small pitch of Plastic Block Chain allows smaller-diameter sprockets
to be used, reducing the dead space between conveyors and ensuring
smooth transfer of conveyed goods from one conveyor to another.
Plastic Block Chain features a simple construction in which block-shaped
links are connected by pins.

Link width is narrow, ranging from 13 mm to 60 mm, enabling Plastic
Block Chain to be installed in cofined spaces.

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Stainless Steel Top Chain

Stainless steel top chain uses highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel for
key components. Two styles are available: one in which top plates are
integrated with the chain, and one in which the two components are
separate and mechanically joined. Stainless steel top chain offers a
higher maximum allowable load than standard plastic top chain.

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Plastic Top Chain

Top plates and chain parts are made of engineering plastic and are
connected by pins. Another type features plates of engineering plastic
combined with steel base chains. Yet another type includes rollers
attached to a plastic top plate chain. The rollers rotate freely and reduce
line pressure during accumulation.

Plate width ranges from 50 mm to 304.8 mm, and can be selected to
match the objects being conveyed.

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Plastic Modular Chain

Plastic Modular Chains use an alternating combination of interconnectedmodular engineering plastic links to transport goods in large quantities onwide, belt-shaped conveyors. Chain-sprocket engagement ensuresreliable drive without any slippage. Different link types are availableaccording to application and type of goods being conveyed: closed, open,net, and GTO-K types.
In addition, the line-up has been expanded to include magnetic, rubber,and flight types suitable for inclined conveyance.Conveying surfaces are available in widths as narrow as 50 mm. PlasticModular Chain offers a wider conveying surface than Plastic Block Chainor Plastic Top Chain.

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